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Meet Re-Up™️

AI-Powered Convenience Stores

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Better Products

We source hard to find products from local vendors and always carry the latest product releases.

Fun & Healthy

Find healthier snack options in our Re-Up nutrition hubs or check out the candy shoppe for a nostalgic treat.

Clean & Modern

Our clean facilities are a safe place to re-fuel, re-charge, and re-up on your favorite snacks and drinks.

Elevated Experience

Thanks to our technology, shopping your favorite promos and checking out is even easier at Re-Up.


A New Kind of Convenience Store

We are elevating the way people re-fuel, re-charge, re-fill, re-up. Answering a pent up demand for a modern, clean, and healthy convenience retail experience.

AI-Robotic Food & Beverage
Nutrition Stations
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